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Leaders in Wear & Corrosion Resistant Coatings and Pipeline Applications.

PPC is a leading Industrial Painting and Coating contractor in Western Canada with both field and shop operations. Having well established relationships with some of the largest midstream companies, Paragon has displayed its ability to meet the toughest coating specification requirements in the energy industry.

PPC has established a safety culture committed to zero harm to the PPC team, others that we work with, project stakeholders and the environment. We have a proven track record of safety excellence in the heavy industrial sector. PPC's owner and founder started installing Thermal Spray coatings for sour service corrosion protection in 1991. Most installations were heavy industrial, in-situ, confined space applications on process vessel internals. Working in this challenging environment instilled a safety first culture at PPC from onset.

PPC maintains a Certificate of Recognition (COR) from the Alberta Construction Safety Association and is also a member of ISNetworld, CanQual, Comply Works and PICS.

Alberta Safety Association, NACE and the Canadian Welding Bureau 

Industry Expertise

Our Project Managers and Site Supervisors have 20+ years’ experience. They are supported by home office technical and management staff with extensive construction and engineering experience. PPC’s President is a professional engineer with a metallurgy background and this technical expertise is available to every project we execute. Our operations managers have industry proven expertise executing successful shop and field projects. PPC’s field and shop supervisors are NACE trained inspectors.  We have held the bar high for our people and this shows up in the work we do. PPC has the ability to provide a Turn-key service and take construction projects from planning to completion and from the fabrication shop to commissioning in the field.

Our corporate resume includes project experience on refinery, petrochemical, power generation, public infrastructure, pipeline, gas plant, and gas compression facilities.

PPC Guarantee

PPC's main goal is to provide guaranteed satisfaction to PPC customers through safe, quality service, workmanship and competitive pricing. We believe the quality of the PPC shop and field installed product is second to none. We maintain a sense of urgency to what we do and our client’s goals are ours. This company has grown by delivering value on our projects, building strong relationships, and earning a loyal client base.

Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and Gas

Typical applications include Tungsten Carbide PTA weld overlays of Down-hole tools, Centralizers, Stabilizers, Couplings, Drill Bits, Drill Collars, Sleeves and Chokes.

Whether in the shop or the field, Paragon FusionClad offers professional solutions with years of experience providing the right coating application to protect client facilities and save both time and money.

Pipeline & Plant Contruction

Pipeline & Plant Construction

PPC specializes in 100% solids epoxy, plural component coatings for underground piping and equipment. Painting & coatings are also applied to tank exterior and internals, above ground piping, equipment, structural steel, and epoxy coatings for Compressor Station structures. Thermal spray coatings are applied on a wide variety of plant equipment and structures.

Oil Sands & Mining

Oil Sands and Mining

Typical application include Tungsten Carbide PTA weld overlays of Tailings Line Pipe Spools, Impact Screens, Sizing Screens, Wear Plates, Bucket Teeth, Crusher Teeth, Under Carriage Components, Crusher Teeth Holders, Ice Lugs, Thermal Wells, Valve Plugs and Seats.

Coal fired & Power Engineering

Coal Fired Power Generation

PPC provides a unique Thermal Spray solution for wear resistance of coal fired utilities. We have completed work on Waterwalls, Superheaters, Reheater Tubes, Tubeshields, I.D. Fans and Housings.

Our Team Leaders

Dean Hansen,P. Eng. Paragon Fusion Clad Ltd. PPC
Dean Hansen, P. Eng.

President, PPC

Owner, President and Director of Operations @ Paragon Fusion Clad (PPC) Ltd.

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Ivan LaBrie VP Business Development at Paragon FusionClad PPC
Ivan LaBrie, BA, GSC PM

VP Business Development and Field Operations

Vice President Business Development and Field Operations

Damon Stewart Quality Manager at Paragon FusionClad PPC
Damon Stewart

Quality and Shop Manager

Shop Operations & Quality Manager

Trish (Patricia) Juskiw Paragon FusionClad PPC Office Manager Edmonton AB
Patricia Juskiw

Office Manager

Administrative Duties, Payroll, Receivables and Payables



Approved Vendor

PPC is an approved vendor for TransCanada, Enbridge, Pembina and Inter Pipeline for shop and field installed painting and coating systems and have extensive experience on Pipeline Integrity Digs.

Paragon FusionClad (PPC) Ltd. Shop

Our Edmonton shop has a dedicated 15,000 ft2 blasting, painting/coating shop, with separate bays and 30 ton overhead crane lifting capacity, enables PPC to execute any type of coating jobs – big or small.

Paragon FusionClad (PPC) Ltd. Field

PPC field services include Industrial Grit Blasting, Painting for above grade applications, Coatings for underground applications, and Thermal Spray Metalized Coatings. PPC has experience working on site in the Coal Fired Power Generation, Public Infrastructure, and in the Upstream, Mid-stream and Downstream Energy industries. 

Paragon FusionClad (PPC) Ltd.

Industry Testimonials & Certifications

  • Shop & Field Application & Coatings Specifications approved by TransCanada Supplier Qualification for Paragon FusionClad (PPC) Ltd.
    TransCanada Supplier Pre-Qualification for Paragon FusionClad (PPC) Ltd.

    Melissa Kavalench


  • SPC Brush Grade Certification Card and SPC Spray Grade Certification from Specialty Polymer Coatings Inc. for Paragon Fusionclad PPC Ltd.
    SPC Applicator Certification Speciality Polymer Coatings

    Shledon Schubert

    Specialty Polymer Coatings, Inc.

  • Paragon FusionClad PPC is certified company and a Member of the PICS Consortium.
    Member of PICS Consortium

    John Moreland, President

    PICS Consortium

  • Approved application for Paragon FusionClad Ltd. with coating/painting work following Enbridge specifications in Shop & Field with Buried Steel with Plural Component Spray Applied Coatings construction and station maintenance painting.
    Enbridge Certification coating/painting

    John MacDiarmid, P.Eng. Pipeline Integrity Dept.

    Enbridge Pipelines Inc.

  • Denso Noth America Inc. Certificate of Approval to Paragon Fusion Clad (PPC) Ltd. certified applicators of Denso Protal Coatings.
    Denso Noth America Inc. Certificate of Approval to Paragon Fusion Clad

    John Aru, Western Regional Manager

    Denso North America Inc.